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GSS is an inventory management company operating in the industry for over 20 years

Our account managers are skilled in all areas of lab maintenance which includes petrochemical, medical research, and food industry companies. Our main goal is to ensure that the labs we service remain appropriately stocked at all times so testing can be completed in a timely manner.


Industries We Serve

GSS has the pleasure of offering delivery, inventory, and shelving services to petrochemical, medical research, and food testing facilities located across the Gulf Coast.

Medical Research
Food Testing
Map of GSS Service Areas

Proudly Serving the Gulf South

GSS will develop individual on-site plans and programs to meet your specific laboratory supply stocking requirements

GSS will collaborate with you to design and implement customized on-site programs that optimize your laboratory's inventory management. This collaboration encompasses needs assessment, workflow analysis, and the development of tailored solutions, including iPad-based inventory control and barcode scanning technology.